Tuesday Smiles

Happy Tuesday, friends! This past week has been a great one. From trying out a new seafood restaurant with a girlfriend on Saturday to going on a civil war walking tour in my DC neighborhood, it's been a nice week full of new adventures. I've also started re-reading one of my favorite books which has been such a pleasure. It's funny how characters come back to you and touch you over and over again. School is starting up in a few short weeks but I've got a number of fun trips coming up before it's time to buckle down again. Some of these include a friend's wedding in Napa Valley that my sister and I will be going to together (love sister weekends!), a visit to Carmel to see my grandparents, and another wedding in Jalisco. It's been a summer of travel and I feel so fortunate to have been able to move around as much as I have. As I was looking back over pictures past, I couldn't help but smile and lust over some of these happy memories. Hope you enjoy:

Escargot for the extended family means lots of butter and garlic.
Chopped firewood is a cozy reminder of cool autumn evenings to come
Small little foxtail lilies in miniature glass vases (complete with a twine bow)... it's the simple things!
Homemade salsa at the ranch. Everything is better homemade, don't you think?
Miles and miles of fromage
Sleeping puppies sunbathing on rustic rugs makes me miss home
Have a great Tuesday everyone.


Lets Fly Lets Fly Away

While in Napa Valley back in June, I had the opportunity to go hot air ballooning with my extended family. It was my second time to partake in this age old sport which just so happens to be the "oldest successful carrying flight technology in history," originating in 1783, according to Wikipedia. Being up there suspended in a wicker basket by a vibrant, enormous balloon is nothing short of magical, particularly when you have miles upon miles of vineyards, lakes, and rolling hills all around you. Hot air balloons are able to soar to high altitudes and also hover very close to the ground, but no matter at what level you may be, there's a coexistent feeling of fear and peace, weightlessness and silent motion, that's like nothing I've ever experienced before. There were times when we were high above the highest hills and moments later we'd be grazing amongst the grapes with the vines tickling the bottom of the basket. It all looks easy and effortless, yet when you're really paying attention to the mechanics of it, it's evident that this weightless, flying feeling is produced by many moving parts and pieces: vents, seams, burners, a method of sewing the balloon with particular precision. I got pretty snap happy on our trip, as you will see. I hope these pictures are able to produce at least a morsel of the feelings I felt while flying, plus enjoy a few others from our trip to the Valley. 

On a trip to China back in 2008 I picked up this silk hot air ballooning scarf which was the perfect accessory for our day

This wine trolley was the best way to scoot around Yountville

Taking a minute to admire the beauty of the vines
At Opus One (wearing my white Anthro tunic dress with my new ballet flats which have taken comfort to a whole new level.)
For more hot air balloon inspiration...

Have a great weekend!


Vineyard Vines

My family and I recently went to Napa Valley with all our extended cousins, aunts, uncles, and our grandparents. It was such a treat to be there with everyone amidst such a beautiful setting. We had dinner one night at a friend's home in a luscious vineyard and my cousin and I snapped this photo. Grace and I are first cousins and have been best friends since diapers. She's the best! And how cute are her Oscar tassels and those cute Dolce Vita wedges? I've got my favorite Oscars on too (similar here), a Joie dress and a St. John's tweed that belonged to my grandmother.

Stay tuned for a bunch more pictures from Napa Valley, including our morning in the skies on hot air balloons!


End of Summer Sale

Ode to Joy! Shopbop is having their wondrous end of summer sale and it couldn't come at a better time as we prepare to transition to a new season. With what's left of summer it's a good time to be buying up some classic white separates for great discounted prices, like this eyelet peplum jacket (swoon!) and this classic white shift with a sweet and unexpected detail. However, that doesn't mean I'm not secretly excited for fall! I've had my eye on these canvas Rag & Bone ankle booties all year and they're finally on sale. These ladies are not only flattering on the leg (yes I've tried them on a shameful amount of times) but super versatile and are also nicely marked down. I'm also a bit smitten with olive greens and dusty browns this autumn in sumptuous fabrics like suede, silk and velvet. Naturally then, these green fringy party shoes are calling my name as is this Isabel Marant shirt which is chic and bohemian to boot. 

What are you goggly eyed over? 




As you read this I'm either on route to Chicago or already there getting ready for the loco that is Lollapalooza. I haven't been to a music festival since college so I'm looking so forward to spending three days channeling those carefree years of my past, listening to great music, being with good company, and relishing the relaxation.

Since I will be on a bohemian, music junky kick the next few days, I couldn't help but share the small bohemian expo that one of my favorite online sites is currently having (think teepees, wooden sunglasses, cool jewels). This snake vertebrae bracelet caught my eye as did this crystal necklace which is suspended from a bullet case. (If you liked the bullet necklace, be sure to check out this covetable, antique brass bullet bracelet.) And while we're talking about funky, bohemian jewelry, I'd be remiss if I didn't mention Pamela Love who is the queen of cool bohemian jewels. From her 5 spike stud earrings to her enviable talon claw, I'm smitten!

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend! Ta Ta For Now!




One of the things that I've always loved growing up is live music. Well, music in general, but when it's live it's all the better. I thoroughly enjoyed going to school in Austin, Texas, "The Live Music Capitol of the World" where I was introduced to lots of local favorites in addition to big time stars at events like ACL. And that's where I got the music festival bug. There's something about being able to see so much talent all in one place at one time that makes me giddy. This weekend I'm heading off to Chicago for Lollapalooza, a 3-day music festival featuring artists like Kings of Leon, Eminem, Interpol, Calvin Harris, Lorde, Zedd, Spoon, Jenny Lewis and the list goes on. The week has just begun but I am already looking forward to packing and channeling my inner festival chic. I'm throwing in this breezy white sundress that I just picked up from Anthropologie, these fringed ankle booties by Dolce Vita, plus this funky ear cuff and a classy panama hat to top it all off.




Birthdays In Canada

Hello Dear Readers! I regret to admit that summertime has taken a serious hold on Bluebonnets for Sal and I am quite sorry for the lack of posts over the past few weeks. Happily, I am back, refreshed, and excited to pick up where I left off. To start, I wanted to share with you a few photos of a trip I recently went on to Canada with family and friends. We stayed at a friend's home on an island nearby Kenora on the great Lake of the Woods which stretches from the USA to Canada and occupies over 65,000 miles of shoreline! It was beautiful to fly in and be witness to some of the roughly 14,500 islands which call the lake home. As far as my eye could see, these beautiful lush isles speckled the lake and very little signs of humanity could be traced. It was beautiful, untouched nature at its finest. The trip was predominately fishing-based and our group had more fun fishing the local catch, from the elusive Muske to Walleye to Northern Pike and Soggers. We had fresh Walleye for lunch everyday and were witness to some of the most beautiful sunsets in addition to a few bald eagles and flocks of gorgeous white pelicans. These are just a few of my photos but I think they help to show you what a beautiful place it is. Top it all off with a special birthday celebration and voila- it was a trip to remember!

Smiling over sunsets and new Alexis Bittar Earrings (similar version here)

Stay tuned for more posts throughout the week!