UGG Love

Yesterday I posted the official one week countdown to fall, and today I am letting you in on a cozy secret: Personalized UGGs! Though not the most fashionable, it is hard to argue against the sheer comfort and heavenly warmth these boots bring to your feet on a cold winter's night or day. The brand has started offering cute monogram options on select styles which are available to order, and it's just in the knick of time before the cool weather fully settles in. I am personally really liking this tall chocolate boot as well as the monogram on the classic tan style. Which do you like?



One Week

Happy Tuesday, friends. It's hard to believe that the autumnal equinox is one week away and fall will officially start next Tuesday! I for one am a bit sad to see summer go, given all the fun that it bestowed, but since fall is my favorite season, I'm welcoming it with renewed, open arms. That first crisp air has moved into my neighborhood and the mornings and evenings have a delightful, foreign cool to them. After such a hot few months, I'm getting geared up for layering, bundling, and cozying up plus indulging in some fun fall activities. Whether it's trying a new recipe, eyeing a festive fall fabric on a simple ballet flat, taking an impromptu trip to the country for apple picking, pulling on a cozy sweater with a sweet detail for cold afternoons, breathing in the first bite of chilled air on early morning runs, or snuggling into the warmth of a luxurious cashmere throw on your favorite chair, there is a little something to get excited about on all fronts- let the countdown begin!

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Salvatore Splurge

SPLURGE ALERT! My new Salvatore's!

When I was a student in Florence I often spent my days after class wandering the city with aimless wonder.  Renaissance history has always been a subject of fascination for me, and so Florence, with its storied architecture, bridged walkways, cobblestone streets, tucked away artisan shops, and magnificent museums and churches, was my idea of heaven. It was during this time that I recognized my affinity for Florentine designers, from Emilio Pucci to Salvatore Ferragamo and Guccio Gucci. These designers today have shown their staying power in addition to their modern appeal, but shopping in their Florentine stores, housed in beautiful buildings from centuries past, is an opportunity to turn back time and become absorbed in these brand's personal histories. I used to love popping into the Salvatore Ferragamo flagship store on Vie dei Tournabuoni which is housed in an old castle bought by the Ferragamos in the late 1930s called the Palazzo Spini Feroni. The store is immaculate, pristine, and beautifully ornate and the downstairs boasts a special museum with the company's history, photos of Ferragamo and famous faces such as Audrey Hepburn and Rita Hayworth, along with some of the designer's most classic designs and influential inspirations. These shoes are an investment to be sure, but they are classic and timeless and a wonderfully ladylike adornment for your feet. I just received these pretties in the mail yesterday and I can't wait to style them with cozy neutrals and warm colors for the fall season ahead. They are available in a number of colors but this simple, warm tan got the versatility award in my book.



A Sisterly Fiesta

Hooray for Friday! Today I'm kicking off a Mexican-themed Bachelorette party for my big sister.
There is a such a swell of emotions seeing someone you love get engaged and start the planning process for a new - and more grown up, adult - chapter in their life. These moments naturally make you reflect on your past, starting with the years when life was pristinely simple and days were filled playing with barbies, coloring books, or tending "house" with an armada of dolls. Since that time as young girls, we've traveled around the world, stayed up late drinking far too much red wine and solving the world's problems, and ultimately grown to become closer than I could have ever hoped for. The gift of friendship is one I thank my blessings for every day. We are a funny pair, Sister Fan and I. Simply turn to Exhibit A which happens to be our mutual, wacky love for donkeys. Don't ask me why but we love these short-legged, furry friends and so I've made sure to get some interesting donkey decor, flower crowns, and lots of mexican decorations to tie us over for the weekend. 

I'll be back next week with more posts. In the meantime, have a great weekend and wish me luck!
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African Dreaming

One of my favorite parts about traveling is when you feel an emotional connection to a place; its culture, its land, its sights and smells, there is something little in all the details that wraps up your spirit and finds a place in your soul. It is a remarkable thing when this connection happens, and though it has happened more than once, I can think of no better example than when I was in the African selous with my family. The slow rising and vivid sinking of the sun, the waking of wildlife all around, the purity of nature and the kindness of the people's spirits, it all affected me so. I often dream of Africa and looking at pictures makes me wish all the more that I could take off, abandon all responsibility, and explore further the beauty of the continent. Sometimes too, I think Africa has impacted my sartorial choices. I find myself gravitating towards rustic elements in jewelry or familiar prints in footwear, playful silhouettes on pillows and other home decor. It seems there is quite a bit of horn, zebra, leopard and elephant motifs out there today and so I've taken it upon myself to round up a few highlights: like a fabulous new zebra print for Ferragamo's famous Vara flat (plus a heeled version), Ashley Pittman shield earrings with white horn and gold accents which happen to be on a really nice sale, a stack of horn bangles fit for the wild, a super covetable crocodile/leather embossed Ferragamo that my sister just picked up, and more! Click on the links below to shop these pretties.

From the Top:



Monterey Farmer's Market

 It's amazing what beauty awaits in nature. I had the pleasure of going to the Monterey, California Farmer's Market this past Sunday and absolutely could not get over the bounty of fruits and veggies that colored the myriad kiosks and stalls around the market. Looking back through these pictures underscores for me how many lovely details await in the small, oftentimes overlooked things in life: whether it's a stringy heap of radishes or the day-go stalks of chard or the enormity and sweetness of California's heirloom tomatoes, there is beauty all around.



Tuesday Smiles

Happy Tuesday, friends! This past week has been a great one. From trying out a new seafood restaurant with a girlfriend on Saturday to going on a civil war walking tour in my DC neighborhood, it's been a nice week full of new adventures. I've also started re-reading one of my favorite books which has been such a pleasure. It's funny how characters come back to you and touch you over and over again. School is starting up in a few short weeks but I've got a number of fun trips coming up before it's time to buckle down again. Some of these include a friend's wedding in Napa Valley that my sister and I will be going to together (love sister weekends!), a visit to Carmel to see my grandparents, and another wedding in Jalisco. It's been a summer of travel and I feel so fortunate to have been able to move around as much as I have. As I was looking back over pictures past, I couldn't help but smile and lust over some of these happy memories. Hope you enjoy:

Escargot for the extended family means lots of butter and garlic.
Chopped firewood is a cozy reminder of cool autumn evenings to come
Small little foxtail lilies in miniature glass vases (complete with a twine bow)... it's the simple things!
Homemade salsa at the ranch. Everything is better homemade, don't you think?
Miles and miles of fromage
Sleeping puppies sunbathing on rustic rugs makes me miss home
Have a great Tuesday everyone.